COVID-19 Church Reopening Guidelines for SMSD Coptic Orthodox Church:

1. You must complete the online registration process ( in order to attend any of the scheduled liturgies.

2. Please refrain from coming to church if you or a member of your household has any of the following symptoms:

○ Fever or chills
○ Cough
○ Shortness of breath
○ Fatigue/muscle aches
○ Headache
○ Loss of taste or smell
○ Feeling unwell

3. Registered families will be requested to enter the church no later than 1/2 hour after the scheduled start of the liturgy.

4. Upon arrival at the church, the safety officer will check that you have registered, take your temperature, and ask you a few screening questions.

5. The safety officer has to ensure that each attendee is wearing a face mask before they enter the church. Face masks(and gloves) need to be worn all the time during the service and as you leave the church.

6. You must sanitize your hands as you enter the church.

7. All members of the same household should be seated together in the same bench.

8. Attendees must ensure physical distancing with all other people at all times.

9. Each family needs to bring their own scarves, communion napkins and water bottles to use for communion.

10. Attendees must be reminded of some changes to common church rituals as follows:

○ Greeting each other with a holy kiss – a head nod will suffice
○ Avoid making contact with the priest at any time, including kissing his cross/hand
○ Avoid kissing or touching anything such as church icons and doors.

11. Physical distancing must be respected even during Holy Communion.

12. Worshippers (as a family) need to congregate together to receive communion at the same time.

13. Worshippers (as a family) are asked to leave the premises immediately after Communion.

14. No social gathering is permitted on the church property.

15. The church benches, surfaces and bathrooms will be fully disinfected after each service.