First-Aid Station

A first-aid kit is available on site if needed. 

Contact Teresa Rizkalla if you require any help, and 911 for any emergencies.


Registration is now closed.

If you have previously registered but have not picked up your tickets yet, the last opportunity to pick up tickets will be on Tue Sep 9 from 7 to 9 pm in the Church, from Brakat Chehata.


parkingAs Church parking will not be available, other parking arrangements have been made available.

Parking is available at:
  • Rexdale Alliance Church – 2459 Islington Ave, Toronto, ON, M9W 3X9 (marked with red "P" on map).  About 400 m or 5-
    6 minute walk from the Church.
  • Parking is also available on green colored streets.
  • Parking in Plaza across from Church is NOT recommended; your vehicle may be tagged and/or towed.
Other Instructions:
  • When dropping off passengers at the Church, you will be given a parking decal to place on your dashboard when parking at Rexdale Alliance Church.
  • Consider car pooling to reduce parking congestion.
  • A shuttle bus will be running between the parking lot and Church.