Announcements from Sun Jun 26, 2016

Dear Church Members, please find below the announcements made last Sunday after the Divine Liturgy:

1- This coming Friday will be a trip for kids and adults to Bonte Creek Park,
      +The liturgy from 7-9 AM.
      +meeting at the church 9:00 AM. or at the Park at 10:00 AM.
      +church will provide lunch\ snack
      +cost $5 per person, $17 per car.

2- Kids Convention Aug.12-14
3- COOL Convention Aug 19-21
     please reserve for your kids.

4-Next Sunday July 3rd.will celebrate the graduation of grade 8 &12.
5-Summer activities for kids will be Friday or Saturday 6-8 pm, what you prefer.
6-Last Wednesday in Egypt was the departure of Awad Haleem father of Azah.
7-This coming Sunday will be the commemoration liturgy of forty days for Samir Guirgis' mother at our church.
8- Next Family Forum will be Sunday July 10 after Agapy.
9- We all should encourage our kids to participate effectively, for Mahragan Elkeraza, Spiritual studies, Sports, Coptic talent and Hymns.  

Thanks and blessing.