1.  The convention for Graduates & University Youth will be held in July 4 to 6.  Registration details are at http://www.myocyc.ca/.  Deadline to register is June 22, 2014.

2.  A committee has been setup to install air conditioning for the Church building.  The goal is to have the installation completed ASAP, before September.  Contributions would be appreciated.  You can donate as usual in the Church or through PayPal on our website.

3.  The current board will remain in place until the Pope makes a decision during his upcoming visit in September 2014.

4.  Fr. Youssef is usually available Friday morning after the liturgy (which ends at 7:30am) until 11:30 am, if anyone would like to meet with him.  Also, Fr. Youssef is available in the Church on Saturday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm and 8:00 to 10:00 pm for confessions.  To arrange a meeting with Fr. Youssef outside of these times, please call him on his cell phone at 226-224-7160.  For urgent issues, please make sure to leave a voice message.

5.  Either a trip or a spiritual day will be arranged for Canada Day holiday on July 1, 2014.